Kids are curious, lovable, and hilarious. They are also wild, impatient, and vulnerable. Los Rancheros Kiwanis is looking out for kids.

We're an inspired group that cherishes the opportunity to devote our time, talents, and resources to make a quantum difference in the lives of children in our community and beyond.

Helping kids grow and succeed is at the heart of everything we do. But how we do it is just as important. We believe our community and our world are best served when people of all ages and different backgrounds work towards a common goal.

We've been at it for half a century. And we've only just begun!


Help Us Help Kids

Los Rancheros Kiwanis a powerful force for serving children and changing lives.

Are you ready to help children and families in San Diego and beyond? Are you ready to help change the world? If so, Los Rancheros Kiwanis is ready for you!